The University of Business and International Studies  (UBIS) is a women-owned, independent private Swiss university. UBIS provides high-quality education, with an emphasis on addressing the intersection of business, innovation, sustainability, and the cross-cultural issues that stem from globalization.

With a network of two campuses in Switzerland and Spain, international partnerships, and over 40 nationalities represented among the faculty and students, UBIS provides its students and faculty with a unique international experience.

  • Program Description
  • Program Objectives
  • Program Outline

The mission of the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree is to prepare scholars and professionals to meet the needs of the fast-changing business world, develop critical thinking skills necessary to design and implement advanced business practices aimed at tackling the challenges of a complex and global economy, to further applied research with strong business impact, to devise new business practices and models.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to identify problems related to U.S. and foreign businesses and to respond artfully to these challenges. In addition, graduates will be empowered with the knowledge and skills required to work as leaders in U.S. business organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and international entities.

To receive an Executive Doctorate of Business Administration (EDBA) degree, students must earn 60 US semester credits that are equal to 12 courses and a successful defense of a dissertation.

Program Benefits

Graduates of the Executive Doctorate of Business Administration are able to:

  • Demonstrate fluency within the chosen discipline
  • Demonstrate support of the current and emerging business theory, practice, and influences that support business administration strategy and organizational missions in changing environments
  • Integrate appropriate principles and research methodologies frequently used in business research to solve current business administration problems
  • Formulate effective solutions to real-world problems in business administration that improve the effectiveness of organizations in support of organizational missions