Dr. Abdulhamid Ibrahim Alfadaly

Adjunct Fellow AIMSMET

•    PhD of Curriculum Development, Tanta University, Egypt
•    Chairman of TESC Group, Malaysia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia
•    Executive Chairman of TP Leaders Academy Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
•    Founder of Flexi Education Framework, Malaysia
•    Founder of Templer Park International School, Malaysia
•    Founder of Anfal International School, Malaysia
•    Founder of Bright Way International School, Malaysia
•    Founder of K-12 Accreditation Framework, KSA
•    Founder of 8 international schools in  Egypt and Saudi Arabia
•    Author of a Social Studies Series, a JV with Pearson Education, UK
•    Board member of Egyptian Investors Association
•    Board member of Arab Investors Forum, Middle East
•    Member of World Federation of Arabic Islamic International Schools
•    ESL expert and curriculum developer
•    Head of Quality Assurance Unit, King Saud University, KSA
•    AIAA and AdvancED Quality Review Team member
•    Content Developer of academic management software, Madaras