European Vocational Skills Week

For 2022, #WarnboroughCollegeIreland is running a series of #events in conjunction with #EVSW #EVSW2022. #WarnboroughCollege are committed to showcasing the benefits of #VET as a viable and vital #educational pathway. The European Vocational Skills Week initiative was created in 2016 by the European Commission. #Vocational #education and #training (VET) aims to equip people with the knowledge, skills and/or competences required in specific occupations or more broadly on the job market. It is a major part of #LifelongLearning and critical to Europe’s efforts to respond to economic and social challenges.

Theme for #EVSW2022:
The specific theme for European Vocational Skills Week 2022 is VET and the Green Transition – in line with the EU’s vision of becoming climate neutral by 2050, as outlined in the European Green Deal.
The Week will put skills at the heart of the green transition.

President & CEO of AIMSMET, Dato’ Dr. Jayles Yeoh has been known as a dedicated entrepreneurial – thinking educationist. As a believer in lifelong learning development to empower thinking minds, he has occasionally been invited to speak globally. For this wonderful event, Dr. Yeoh will be presenting his perspectives from the East on Implementing AIMSMET GLOBAL EDUCATION SYSTEM for sustainable development.

#2022EVSW delivered by some excellent presenters, take a pick of the webinars that interest you and sign up, for free.

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WCI EVSW 2022: 17-19 MAY
START Time: 10am GMT London time / 11AM CET / 6PM Malaysia / 3PM Pakistan / 7AM CLST Chile
Note: You must attend full sessions if you want to receive a certificate of participation.


Start Time

8:00 am

May 16, 2022

Finish Time

5:00 pm

May 20, 2022


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