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At AIMSMET, all aims are met!

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“Educating the new generation to think requires not only books and teachers but the technology & system to drive.”

Prof. Dato’ Dr Jayles Yeoh



We are one of Malaysia’s leading providers of private tertiary and professional training. We transform lives. We do this by innovating jobs from the ordinary to extraordinary careers. 

Our students are school-leavers, graduates, post-graduates, doctorate holders and ambitious working adults passionate about adding new meaning to their careers with the most advanced work skills to move beyond expectations.

Do you see yourself here?
Give yourself a second chance to redraw your future. Indeed, the pandemic is your life-changing opportunity to look for greener pastures equipped with futuristic survival kits. You will need them to prepare for the post-pandemic era; this is the tomorrow of mind-blogging changes, inventions and possibilities, and only the fittest of the fit can dare to conquer, dominate and rule.
Take control of your future; that’s where the whole world is heading. Learn to relearn from the masters of the trade. We have fine lasers to perfect the career of your choice. Indeed, the moment to dominate has come.

Over to you!


Our Experts are Qualified, Experienced and Renowned

When students enrol at AIMSMET, they come into collision with the best of both worlds. Here, there is a fusion of experts and practitioners from world-class academia and industry. They hail from recognised partner universities, industries and multinational companies. Their task is to give learners like yourself a real-life experience in career building and entrepreneurship.

Pick up the finer points of management, business leadership and industrial applications by learning and working in real industry situations under the expert guidance of our experienced coaches and mentors. Ultimately, you will acquire first-hand knowledge, skills and mindsets to suit your career expectations.

  • Learning-edge, applied research and collaborative consultancy;
  • Post-graduate degree programmes (IeMBA, MBA, DBA, PhD);
  • Executive development for junior, middle, senior management and C-Suite;
  • Customised corporate talent development programmes for performance enhancement.

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Working together is our strength. Thinking together is our mindset. Planning together is our strategy. Achieving together is our team spirit.